Presenting Yourself to the Property Owner

Aside from first impressions, here are some other things that owners look for in a tenant:
• Good rental history
• Stable income (regular employment, Social Security benefits or a retirement pension)
• Good credit history
• Positive references from employers or clergy
• Good telephone etiquette (for example, if you need to leave a message, be sure to speak clearly
and leave your name, phone number and the reason for your call)

Questions to Ask the Owner

Before you view a unit, you should contact the owner over the phone. You will want to make a good
first impression so that the owner thinks of you as someone who will be a good tenant and neighbor.
You may want to ask the following questions about the apartment or house you want to rent:
• Are there any vacancies?
• What utilities will I pay?
• How much is the rent?
• Who is responsible for pest control?
• Do you allow pets? Are there any pet fees?
• Does the unit have central air conditioning?
• How much is the security deposit?
• How do I request repairs?
• Are there any application, association, condominium or other rental fees?
• Does the unit include a refrigerator or do I need get my own?

What to Bring When You View a Unit

When you visit the unit, you will need to bring some information with you to show the owner and help
you when you fill out an application. These items include:
• Personal identification
• Names and phone numbers of your references
• Employment information
• Contact information for the owner(s)/property manager(s) of your current and past rental units
• Your voucher
• Credit report (if possible)
• Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) packet
Everyone who rents will likely have to fill out an application. In addition, many owners will ask you for
an application fee to process your application and perform a credit check.

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