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Answer the questions below to get a sense of the BHA properties for which your household may be eligible

Household Information

  • The older of your age or your spouse’s age :
  • Are you or your spouse disabled?

  • Is any member of your household in a wheelchair ?

  • Is at least one member of your house a US citizen or have qualified immigration status?
  • Number household members 18 or older :
  • Number of household members younger than 18 :
  • Household Income
  • Press “yes” if one or more of these apply to your household:
    1. homeless, staying in a shelter or lacking a fixed, adequate nighttime living situation ;
    2. in danger due to providing testimony or information regarding criminal activity;
    3. a victim of Domestic Violence or stalking that places in you imminent danger;
    4. subject to a no-fault, court ordered eviction;
    5. without housing due to natural disaster or condemnation;
    6. disabled and unable to use your current housing due to inaccessibility; or
    7. a victim of a hate crime;
  I understand that this tool is imperfect and is intended to be used as a guide to my potential eligibility for BHA housing. The results of this form are not an official eligibility determination. BHA will officially determine your eligibility based on your formal application for housing.

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