Boston Housing Authority (BHA) staff is required to perform at least one inspection of your apartment each year. This yearly inspection is called a Living Unit Inspection (LUI). During this inspection, BHA staff enters all occupied apartments to assess their condition and determine if any repairs are necessary. The LUI ensures that the apartment is in compliance with the State Sanitary Code and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Uniform Physical Condition Standards.

BHA residents are given advance notice of Living Unit Inspections (LUI). Residents who have an LUI coming up may make a list of items of concern and discuss them with the BHA employee conducting the inspection. It is not required that you be present during the inspection if you give BHA permission to enter the apartment in your absence.

BHA staff will record any repairs required and create any necessary work orders for the repairs. If clutter or dirty conditions are seen at the inspection, you will receive a citation to correct these conditions. A re-inspection will be made to ensure that the correction is completed. Citations may also be issued for damages, improper disposal of garbage, smoking or other lease violations. Your manager will note all appropriate inspection results on the LUI form

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