AMP UP Boston: EMPath Mobility Mentoring Project

AMP Up Boston  is a free mentoring program for BHA residents who want to improve their economic situation.  EMPath Mentors will provide Mobility Mentoring coaching to 200 participants between ages 18-55, living in BHA-Leased or Public Housing, and can legally work.   Mentors will  support participants to get a good-paying job, manage their money and set and achieve goals that are meaningful to them such as taking care of their health or helping their kids succeed in school.  AMP UP participants will  meet with their own mentor regularly, in person or online, for three years. Participants can even earn up to $700 per year for making progress on their goals.
We will begin outreach to BHA residents in the summer and will open enrollment in late summer. Outreach efforts will include orientation sessions, mailings, distribution of materials at events and will be carried out by EMPath and BHA staff and BHA Local Tenant Organization AMP UP Boston services will begin in October 2021.

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