Reasonable Accommodation Requests Related to Communicating/Interacting with BHA

If a client has difficulty communicating or interacting with Boston Housing Authority (BHA) due to a disability, BHA will make every effort to accommodate the client’s needs. 

Sign Language Interpreters

The BHA will obtain a sign language interpreter(s) from the Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (“MCDHH”) upon request from a client who is deaf or hard-of-hearing. BHA will pay for this service.

Securing a sign language interpreter can take a number of weeks. Clients who need an interpreter should request one as soon as possible. Requests should be made to the department or development with whom the client is trying to communicate.

If the client does not want to wait for an interpreter, or if he or she prefers, the client may communicate with BHA via email, lip reading, passing notes or having a family member/friend/advocate provide sign interpretation. 

TTY number

BHA has the following TTY number for those who use teletype devices: (800) 545-7833 ext. 420. 

Communicating with Clients who are Blind or Have a Vision-Impairment

When reviewing BHA documentation with a client who is blind or has a vision-impairment, BHA will provide the client with a reader or an alternate version of the documentation (e.g. enlarged via printer or printed in a larger font) upon request. 

Accommodations when a Disability Makes it Difficult to Attend a Meeting in Person

If a disability makes travelling to a BHA-required or client-requested meeting or conference difficult, the client may request alternative arrangements with the BHA department or development with whom the client will be meeting. 

Examples of possible accommodations include holding the meeting or conference by telephone or meeting at the client’s residence or more easily-accessible location.

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