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The Annual Plan

Congress passed a law in 1998 that requires Housing Authorities to create an Annual Plan.

The Annual Plan details Boston Housing Authority’s programs and policies for the upcoming fiscal year (April 1 – March 31). It also includes information about Capital Fund Program (CFP) and reports on how capital funding has been spent in the past few years (known as Performance and Evaluation (P&E) Reports).

All the documents associated with the version of the proposed FY 2016 Annual Plan are posted on this page.

The Annual Plan Process

Boston Housing Authority (BHA) submits the Annual Plan by January 15 each year to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for its review. HUD has 75 days to review the Annual Plan – and either approves it or identifies deficiencies. If there is a deficiency, BHA addresses the issue and re-submits the Annual Plan. 

Members of the Resident Advisory Board meet regularly with BHA staff to discuss the Annual Plan. 

Public Notice

The Annual Plan is available to residents and the public for 45 days for review and comment before being reviewed by HUD. In a typical year, the Annual Plan is available for public review on November 1 and the comment period closes on December 15. 

The drafts of the FY 2016 Annual Plan is available for review and comment now.  Click here to read about the public process and download copies of the draft Plans. 

Copies of the draft Annual Plan are sent to the Resident Advisory Board and Local Tenant Organizations. The Annual Plan is available at BHA’s Planning Department (52 Chauncy Street, Boston), online, at the Boston Public Library Copley Branch and in BHA management offices. 

If you would like to receive notice of public comment items, please subscribe to the BHA’s Public Review mailing list.

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Public Hearing

BHA holds a Public Hearing each year to provide an opportunity for BHA residents and the public to comment on the Annual Plan. BHA includes the record of comments and responses in the final Annual Plan package to HUD. 

If you have a reasonable accommodation request for reviewing the Annual Plan or attending a Public Hearing, please call (617) 988-4107 or TDD (800) 545-1833 ext. 420. Interpreters can be made available at the Hearing upon request. 

Comments can be sent to 52 Chauncy Street Boston, attn: John Kane, Boston, MA 02111; or by email

Annual Plan Amendments

Occasionally the BHA will submit a significant amendment to its Annual Plan during the year.  This requires the BHA to hold an additional review and comment period and a public hearing.

2014 Annual Plan Amendment #3: Leased Housing Administrative Plan Changes

The Boston Housing Authority is pleased to announce several proposed changes to our Housing Choice Voucher Program Administrative Plan, which governs the BHA’s Section 8 program.  The changes include two additional Preference Point categories, an addition to our Super Priority category and an additional review process to enhance our Rent Reasonableness Methodology.  Read more here.