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The Operations Department is responsible for day to day management and maintenance of all the Authority’s housing developments. The department has a division for Elderly/Disabled Operations and a separate one for the family developments. Site-based management and maintenance staffs perform numerous functions including rent determinations, rent collection, unit inspections, resident relations and orientation, budget preparation and planning, lease enforcement, direct maintenance services to residents and scheduled preventive and routine maintenance of buildings and grounds.
The department also includes staff that provides technical assistance and support to site-based staff in maintaining boiler and heating plants and other technical maintenance areas. Operations staff also maintain the Authority’s entire fleet of vehicles and runs the Emergency Response Service that handles emergencies that arise outside of regular business hours.
The Operations Department has offices at 52 Chauncy Street, 125A Amory Street (for Elderly/Disabled, Emergency Response, and Buildings Maintenance Services) and at each of the management offices at developments throughout the city.

Phone: (617) 988-4395
TTY: (800) 545-1833 ext. 420
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Elderly/Disabled Operations
Family Operations