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Changes in Income

If your income changes, it is important to report the change to Boston Housing Authority (BHA). Changes in income affect your rent amount. 

Income Decrease

If your income decreases, it is important to report this right away to BHA. The sooner you report your income decrease, the earlier your rent will be adjusted. It is a good idea to report income changes in writing, and keep a copy of what you submitted with the date on it. BHA must verify the rent decrease and will then process the change. In some cases, it may be that you are temporarily without income, but are waiting for a benefit that may give you income retroactively (such as when you apply for unemployment or TAFDC). BHA is required to make the rent change effective the month you reported the change (if you reported it in the first 15 days of the month) or the first of the next month (if you reported it after the 15th).

Income Increase

Currently, you have an obligation to immediately report any increase in income if you last reported “zero income.” BHA has received approval to change its policy to require public housing tenants to report any increase in income of $200/month or more from what they last reported. This change has not yet been implemented but all residents will be fully informed and provided a lease addendum to sign before this provision is in place. 

How to Report Income Changes 

Income changes should be reported to your management office staff. If no one is available to meet with you immediately, you should ask for an appointment. You can ask for a copy of the information you provided for your records.