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Elder Advantage/Designated Housing

Many public housing developments are required to have a certain percentage of elderly residents. When this threshold is not met, elderly public housing applicants receive additional points toward their application. The more points an applicant receives, the better chance he or she has of receiving a housing offer. 

This program is called the Elder Advantage or Designated Housing Plan. Each week, Boston Housing Authority (BHA) posts a list of developments for which elderly applicants will receive additional points toward their application. Be sure to check the list each week since changes are often made. 

In addition, BHA provides subsidies for five project-based Section 8 properties that also give additional points to elderly applicants.

Apartment Neighborhood
Heritage Apartments East Boston            
Lower Mills Dorchester
Central Boston Elder Service Boston
Building 104 Charlestown
Morville House Boston

Elderly applicants who already have an active application but have not selected the above sites should reapply if they are interested in these five project-based Section 8 properties. Applicants may also contact the Status Line at (617) 988-3400 or (617) 988-4549 if they are unsure of their current application status.